0400 693 846

0400 693 846

Soulful Holistic Healing

Manage stress and foster improved health

Build capacity and resilience to embrace change

Channel and focus internal energies

Align aspirations and action for personal growth

Reiki Consultations & Treatments

A gentle yet transformational healing system, Reiki works well for a wide range of both physical and mental/emotional issues by redressing energy imbalances and supporting one’s well-being.  Reiki treatments are tailored to individual needs, provide relaxation and enhance the body's natural healing process.
Reiki can also assist in self-development and spiritual growth by aligning our inner self and empowering wholeness and harmony within ourselves while fostering our highest potential.  

Christine Romeyn

Christine is a highly skilled Reiki practitioner and with extensive experience in facilitating well-being and personal development courses with a focus on navigating transitions.  
She is passionate about cultivating harmonious deep connections with ourselves through self-acceptance and positive interactions with our world.
Christine is a qualified Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, Trainer in Adult Education and Development, and is a registered member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.

Usui Reiki

Receiving Usui Reiki Holistic Healing

The practitioner uses their hands, just above the person or with a gentle touch on the body, such as stomach, heart and head of the fully clothed client.  Reiki is channeled through non-invasive, non-manipulative and gentle, hand held positions and travels throughout the body according to the client’s needs and activates natural repair mechanisms.  The client may experience soothing energy and sometimes a sense of a physical or emotional release. 
The Reiki treatment will leave the client feeling relaxed and centered.
Consultations and treatments are available at Northcote Natural Therapies.  Please make an enquiry if you would like a consultation and treatment off-site or online via Zoom or Skype.


Consultations & Treatments

First consultation & treatment (75 mins)
Consultation & treatment (60 mins)

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